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sam congdon born in Escondido, California in 1973.sam congdon Successful CEO and Specialties:Chief executive officer. I have marketed and sold millions of dollars worth of sophisticated financial products to business owners, executives and high net worth individuals from over 40 countries.

Sam Congdon Travels

A love to experience the peaceful coasts of America and seeing the exciting destinations along the way is something that defines the nature of an avid traveler and Sam Congdon is undoubtedly the one to be called a passionate man to travel around the world and discover new destinations.

Sam Congdon travels around the world and what encourages him to find new roads is the love of traveling. Backed with enthusiasm and passion, he has travelled to many Caribbean islands and to Mexico. Along with these two renowned tourist destinations, Sam Congdon has also been to the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Antigua, Nevis and St. Kitts, Ecuador, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Belize and many other locations.

What derives him to visit the beautiful land of Belize is the thousands of fishes and sharks in very shallow water. Sam Congdon travels to the Western Hemisphere with a belief that there is no other place like it.

Lying at a distance of 50-mile in the mountains of Washington, Lake Chelan is another favorite place of Sam where he visited once in a childhood, but still enjoys going back and jumping in the clean, crisp cold sea waters. The head of the lake is a town called Stehekin, with a population of about 70 residents. This place can be accessed only by a floatplane or a boat. This place offers access to many places such as Rainbow falls, a local bakery and a river. While there are many options available to have fun, but Sam Congdon travels to the place especially for hiking, biking, river rafting and seeing the natural beauty.IMG_30361-225x300

Along with being an avid traveler, Sam also owns an excellent background of being a brilliant student, a manager, a business person and a lot more.


Sam Congdon and his industry in Puerto Rico

Sam Congdon management skills didn’t finish there as a result of college faculty; he has taken part in alternative management roles. He had the task for profit and loss goals and achievements and for forecast and budgeting. He was guilty of implementing and managing all aspects of a prosperous selling campaign, he created and oversaw software customization so as to modify sales, data entry, client service, client retention and news.In the recent past, Sam Congdon and his Puerto Rico business have achieved immense success and he made it to be one of the top entrepreneurs in the region.

Early life of Sam Congdon

The born and brought up of every person is different and it has the greatest impact on one individual. Every person has a different growing up experiences and it is no different with Sam Congdon. The childhood experience and brought up has the biggest role in shaping a person and same goes for Sam Congdon. He was born in Escondido, California in 1973. When he was four years old his mother got married to his step father who has raised him further. His step father owned a big land of 30 acres of cherry orchards in Washington State where they moved after his mother’s marriage. He learned how to work in orchard from a very early age and gained experience which he considers as invaluable in his whole life. He learnt while working in the orchards who to irrigate, drive tractors, mowing grass. He also helped to harvest 100tons of cherries every year when growing up. The hard-works taught him how to be industrious and how to see a task through to being finished and in putting in long hard hours. All those hard works made him earnest and self made and has contribution in making his professional life easier later at his life. Sam Congdon is glad that he grew up in such a working environment that managed to learn how to work.
Beside his work he also loved to play drum and he started playing drums at a young age. He played drums in his elementary school, middle school, high school and also in college. He is very fond of memories of the trips that their matching band group had while they went to various places and made performances in parades around the Pacific Northwest. In college, his band played in Disneyland California, something that was fun and also of great memory. He also played drums at the football and basketball games.

He graduated from high school in 1991 and enrolled at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale Michigan. The small unique college mainly focuses at the qualification of the student without considering any other matter. The school is famous in America for its admission rule and is also well known amongst the libertarians and conservatives in America. It is compulsory for every student to take a course on the United State Constitution that attends the college. The college also provides a free online course on the United States Constitution. You may also find a class that is being taught by a Supreme Court justice. When Sam Congdon was in the college, prominent personalities such as Margaret Thatcher, Clarence Thomas and Dan Quayle spoke at various events. This was a great experience for him considering that only few colleges would manage to have such kind of speakers.

The education system in his college always ensured that he receives the best education. The experiences of his early life in the farm and in college shaped him for what he is today. The strong personality has built slowly inside him through his hard work and studies. Playing of drums exposed him to different people and places and so did attending Hillsdale College.

Further Studies and More Job Responsibilities for Sam Congdon

Sam Congdon is a true seeker of knowledge and the thirst to gain knowledge has only increased inside him over time. He joined further studies to quench his thirst for knowledge. He moved to Dallas soon after he finished his one-year in Oregon to acquire his Master in Business Administration degree at Southern Methodist University. The business school was a great knowledge to his and he enjoyed classes that were mainly entrepreneur and investment oriented. The lessons helped him to develop his entrepreneurship skills further. He didn’t enjoy classes such as global business and organizational behavior that he considered simply as waste of time.

sam congdonFrom his college life and work life Sam Congdon managed to learn about business, finance, enterpremeurialism. He also learnt the skill of an entrepreneur, such as how to write a business plan. He nurtured his skill with both practical and academic wisdom which he uses up to today. The “SMU MBA” enhanced his business cards and resume. SMU is amongst the top 25 business schools in the United States and it was an added benefit to him. During his college time he gained outstanding learning and experience in the school. He suggest the college to all those who want to be an entrepreneur and run a business to make it big someday.

It took his two years to get his MBA and during this time he went back to his old job at Student Works painting for another summer. This time his responsibility was much bigger, he had to manage managers in the entire State of Ohio instead of managing a city which he had done previously.

The job was truly a challenging one and Sam Congdon loved to take challenges. He had to take over the post from another general manager. He was left with employees most of whom he could never have hired. His job was to save the ruined ship from sinking and to bring back it to its old glory. Surely it wasn’t an easy task. Regardless of the whole situation, he earned the respect of managers and he mentored them every possible way. He taught them the tricks he had educated in Michigan. Finally he turned the summer into a successful summer.

Taking the responsibility of a business in a midstream and to bring it back was not an easy task. But he was successful with his mission while most managers were subpar meaning that they could not perform their assigned task properly. For instance, one of them threw a fit in the customer’s front yard that resulted to the customer making a call to the offices because of not knowing of what to make of the scene. He had to deal with managers who were less efficient, less prospective and also less sincere. It was challenging. To ensure the success of any business managers must have managerial qualities. He had to weed out such characters to ensure that the summer was a success.

As Sam Congdon earned another higher degree, he was exposed to more knowledge and definitely more responsibilities. Not only he attended a prestigious university, beside his MBA he managed the hardest part of his old job at a time. Despite being given the challenging task of saving a sinking ship, he never said no to his group or education. It was an eye opener to him that he could get more responsibilities and still succeed.

Sam Congdon Work at Student Work Painting Company

Being a student it is often hard for most of them to create a balance between their studies and work. Most of the student struggle to maintain the balance and it is always challenging to perform equally well in both the matters. Sam Congdon chose to start working while he is was a student, due to this reason from his early life he learnt to manage both his studies and work at the same time. He had to deal with his schoolwork as well as his management job at Student Work painting. Basically the actual work of painting was done during summer but the responsibility of Sam Congdon was more than that, he had to do the marketing and also had to hire his team members. He had to ensure that everything was under control and in order for the summer painting. He also has the task of proving to his fellow students that he could do it.

sam congdonThe task at the Student Work painting was not an easy one, and the role Sam Congdon played was not an easy one. Being the manager at Student work painting his duty was to ensure that the painting crews were properly trained and they know how to finish their jobs on time. The manager had to take the whole responsibility of checking and spending time during the day travelling from one crew to another to make sure that everyone is on the task, everything is within budget and painting supplies are within budget. And the job did not end there, at night he had the task of preparing for the homeowners in need of paint jobs and calling back customers with pending contracts. The job had to start early in the morning and end late at night and Sam was efficient enough with his management skill.

The job at the first summer was grueling for Sam Congdon as he also had made a journey to commute to Battle Creek from Hillsdale that used to take one hour one way. On that particular summer Sam sometimes felt like giving up, but he managed well, although not all days were equal. Some days went well while other went bad. However it helped him a lot to learn management skill which is a valuable lesson that he uses to this day. He learnt how to run a business well, how to manage everything, how to sell and how to interact with different types of people. His job taught him how to be responsible and to manage people. On the top of everything, he was able to make more money then any of his fellow friends in the college did. The hard of his student life taught him how to become a full time entrepreneur and how to run a business successfully. His working experience enhanced him and his working personality; they are so valuable to him that if given a chance he would not change it.

Sam Congdon managed the job in the Student Work painting for two more years in the Battle Creek city. Those years were easier for him as he has gained experienced over the past years and also because he lived I the same city that he was working. This saved his time from traveling for two hours daily. This in fact gave him some free time of his own to enjoy which he spent by taking part in jogging and rollerblading as well as taking time to go home for a vacation.

College Life of Sam Congdon

College education opens the opportunity to gain endless valuable resources to a person. It transforms a person into a skilled person and helps a person to build up a good career. The college life is an eye-opener for every student letting them understand what real life is about. It is a moment when someone learns how to be self-dependent and learn to save money to finance their own education.

Sam Congdon joined Hills dale College after graduating from Wenatchee high school in 1991. He subject in college was Bachelor of Science in Economics degree, during his college time he didn’t only kept himself to attain the degree but he also adapted the skill that is required to run a business successfully.

It is at the college where he learnt about Austrian economics method for the first time. It is a free market oriented economical method with less government intervention and supports commercial activities. The method advocates for the right of individuals the right of property and the right to contract. The method goes beyond standard-issue free market thinking in a number of ways and it offers a challenge to the Keynesian school of thought.

Sam Congdon enjoyed his entire college life where he gathered a lot of economics and common sense political principles. He considers these as raw economic principles which opposed the ideas in the mainstream media concerning economics, the role of government and personal freedom, or lack thereof.

He didn’t stop himself only in the college curriculum rather he kept himself busy in learning other skills, that includes skill of running a business. He started to work for Student Works Painting Company as a city manager in his freshman year. The Canada based company trains student on how to run a painting business during the summer. During the Midwest season and temperature that are good and clear like spring and summer months are hot. The outdoor painting session takes place during the warm months of summer and it connects with the summer break of college.

Sam Congdon was well adapted with hardworking skill since his young age that he learned at the Orchard farm when he grew up. The position of city manager for Student Work Painting required a lot of input in time and hard-work. As he was well adapted with hard-work he was assigned to manage the painting in the city of Battle Creek Michigan.

The city was closest to Hills dale where he was a student. His managerial job starts way before the peak time of painting that is the summer break, and he was enthusiastic enough to manage both the college and painting job at a time. He had to travel to the city to market by use of flier and signs, to secure summer contracts and to provide a list of estimation. He also had the duty or hiring people to work with him to whom he used to provide the prior training. The task involves placement of advertisements in local newspapers and he interviewed the person to hire them.

From the very early age of college life Sam Congdon was developing himself as a skilled person who managed to balance his studies and work both with great success.